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  • Jau Sattoo is a traditional Indian superfood made from roasted barley flour, packed with essential nutrients and energy-boosting properties.
  • Loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber, Jau Sattoo provides a sustained energy release, making it an ideal choice for busy days or intense workouts.
  • Our Jau Sattoo is sourced from premium-quality barley and produced under strict quality control measures to guarantee freshness and purity.
  • Jau Sattoo is known for its digestive benefits, promoting gut health and aiding in digestion, making it a wholesome addition to your daily diet.

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“Sattu is an excellent energy drink as it gets easily digested by our body.
Satto has multiple benefits and is considered as a coolant in summer months.

Sattoo is a One of the best protein sources of india, Usually served as a sharbat by street vendors at the peak of summer, has a near-instant cooling effect on the body.”

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