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Where Technology
meets Traditions

India is a land of rich tradition, culture and exquisite cuisine. From time
immemorial Mother earth and fire have had a very special role in preparation
of some wonderful Indian delicacies. Right from the tandoor, tava, angeethi to
the earthen pots, Indian cooking methods are unique and distinctive. They
preserve nature’s goodness and make for very well cooked food.

Jabsons understands the importance of tradition and have mastered
centuries old methods and techniques of preparing healthy snacks. We have
adopted modern technology to provide for complete hygiene and packaging
to preserve the goodness.

We believe that snacks are more than just crunch, texture and taste. Healthy
snacks packed with rich tastes of tradition and centuries-old cooking styles
are nothing short of pure joy. And that’s what we offer you!

Every pack of Jabsons is prepared using handpicked quality ingredients and
made with modern technology that preserves the goodness. With every bite,
you experience an explosion of flavours that entices your taste buds and
satiates your hunger.

Our Vision

To make Jabsons an internationally
acclaimed brand in the healthy snack
food segment.

Our Mission

To become the most sought-after brand
internationally in the roasted peanuts
and roasted chickpeas category. And the
market leader in India in the healthy
snack food category, by 2025.

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