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Women Empowerment

An empowered woman is a force to be reckoned with, and is beautiful beyond measure. At Jabsons, we believe that a woman is
entitled to live her life with dignity and freedom. Thus, we offer equal opportunities to women, which give them financial
independence and self-confidence to lead an honourable life.

We have over 700 female employees at Jabsons out of a total of 1000+

We have also started a creche (aptly called Khilkhilahat) for the development of children of our employees. This allows our female employees to attend office carefree. It is managed by educated nurses and caretakers.

Celebrating festivities
together, always.

The Jabsons family is one big unit where we don’t need a reason to celebrate. We just celebrate when the time calls for it. At Jabsons, we have organised meet-ups and other exciting activities on festive occasions, where the entire family gathers and bonds over delicious food, exciting activities and the spirit of festivity

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