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Lemon N Mint- Peanut Spread

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– Say NO! to the Bitter After Taste of Peanut Butter!! Enjoy JABSONS Naturally Sweet Peanut Butter, made out of “CLAY ROASTED PEANUTS”.

– JABSONS Being India’s Leading Peanut Brand, uses the best quality of peanuts which are Naturally sweet in taste, grown in Saurashtra.

– These Peanuts are traditionally Roasted using the age-old famous clay roasting technique of Bharuch which preserves the natural sweetness of peanuts and gives the excellent Roasting flavor.

– No Transfat, No artificial color or flavor & Gluten free.

– Experience the invigorating blend of tangy lemon and cool mint in every spoonful.

– Enjoy the bright and refreshing flavors of lemon and mint in one delicious spread in JABSONS Lemon Mint flavored peanut butter.

– Elevate your dishes with a twist of zesty freshness, from breakfast to dessert.

– JABSONS Lemon Mint flavored peanut butter using premium peanuts, real lemon zest, and garden-fresh mint leaves.

– Satisfy your cravings while fueling your body with essential nutrients.

– Ideal for sunny picnics, refreshing smoothie bowls, and BBQ gatherings.

– A delightful addition suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.

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    tangy and perfect

    tangy and zesty, gives perfect indian tadka to snacks

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