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Assorted Chikki : 900gm
Ingredients: Peanut Gud(18g*12=216g) Ingredients: Peanut(50%), jaggery(40%) Til Pista Elaichi(18g*06=108g) Ingredients: Sesame seed (Till 50%), Sugar, Pistachio(2%), Glucose, Cardamom(Elaichi0.3%) Coconut Crush(18g*17=306g) Ingredients: Coconut Flakes(45%), Sugar, Peanuts(8%), Liquid Glucose, cardamom(Elaichi) Dryfruit (18g*05=90g) Sugar,Cashewnuts (25%), Almonds (10%), Pistacho (10%), Liquid Glucose. Peanut Coconut(20g*09=180g) Ingredients:- Peanuts (40%), Sugar, Coconut Flakes (15%), Liquid Glucose.
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Indian Sweet Brittles cashew, almonds, Pistacho, peanut, Sesame Seed, Coconut...

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