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    Hing Jeera Chana

    – Savory and aromatic, JABSONS Hing Jeera Chana is bursting with the rich flavors of roasted cumin and asafetida.
    – A guilt-free snack option that’s high in protein and fiber, making it perfect for mid-day munching or post-workout fuel. –
    – Enjoy JABSONS satisfying crunch of perfectly roasted chickpeas, giving you a satisfying and crunchy snack experience.
    – We use premium quality cumin seeds and asafetida to infuse the traditional Indian flavors into every bite.
    – Our Hing – Jeera Chana is made with all-natural ingredients, without any artificial additives or preservatives.
    – Beyond snacking, our chickpeas can be added to salads, yogurt, or used as a crunchy topping for soups and stews.
    – A tasty way to incorporate more protein and fiber into your daily diet for a healthier lifestyle. – Our Hing Jeera Chana are Ideal for vegetarians and vegans; these chickpeas provide a great source of plant-based protein.
    – No Transfat, No artificial color or flavour & Gluten free.

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    Nimboo Pudina Chana

    Roasted Nimboo Pudina Chana with skin is an ever-popular anytime snack that can fulfill your cravings. Enjoy the fresh texture and vibrant burst of flavors.

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    Radhe Chana

    – Experience JABSONS pure, unadulterated taste of chickpeas with Radhe Plain Chana.

    – We believe in keeping it simple – no added flavors, just the goodness of nature.

    – Packed with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy snack choice.

    – Our Plain Chana contains no artificial preservatives or additives, just pure chickpea goodness.

    – Ideal for busy individuals, it’s a convenient, ready-to-eat snack that keeps you fueled.

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    Roasted Wheat Mix

    – Our Roasted Wheat Mix is crafted from a blend of premium ingredients, including wheat, peanuts, and chickpeas.

    – Enjoy the crunchy goodness of Wheat with the benefits of roasting instead of frying.

    – This snack is made with heart-healthy ingredients and contains no trans fats.

    – The addition of black salt and iodized salt provides a delightful tangy twist to every bite.

    – An excellent addition to your party platter or evening tea-time.

    – No artificial additives or preservatives.

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